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Madagascar Rose Quartz
Our Price: $299.00
Black Amethyst
Our Price: $1,400.00

About Stargazers

Stargazers is dedicated to engaging the community in the most open and loving way our hearts can imagine. Our ongoing support extends to our customers, as well as those we have yet to meet. We are dedicated to everyone's spiritual growth, and to the creation of individual community and planetary healing, grace and harmony. Our way is eclectic, and includes all spiritual paths as we honor the divine spark in each of us. We share what we know, we are open to what you know, and we celebrate the richness and creative power of this diversity.

Since 1986, Stargazers has been honored to hold the light of awareness, joy and magic for so many friends. For your gracious patronage and support during these years, and for the honor of allowing us to be part of your lives, we thank you. For those of you who have not yet experienced the joy of our magical space, and the nurturing light of inclusion, we name you friends we have merely not run into for a very long time. We enthusiastically welcome you as you share your journey with us, now and in the years to come!

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Energy Clearing Spray - Four Directions
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Our Price: $7.00
Energy Clearing Spray - Palo Santo
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Energy Clearing Spray - Fresh Sage
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Energy Clearing Spray - Unscented
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New Products

Malachite Pendant in Sterling Silver
Our Price: $39.00
Ruby Cabochon Pendant in Sterling Silver
Our Price: $58.00
Square Malachite Pendant in Sterling Silver
Our Price: $44.00