What is Energy Medicine?
Energy Medicine is a non-invasive healing method that can restore harmonious energy flow to weak or imbalanced energy systems in your body. In fact, your very well-being, awareness and vitality are decided by your body’s energy systems. Energy medicine activates your body’s own healing energies and is a powerful complement to all other types of medical care.

One of the Northwest’s Most Gifted Energy Healers
Gayle brings more than two decades of knowledge and practice in various energy healing modalities to her clients. She is accredited by the state of Washington as a Licensed Massage Practitioner and a Certified Energy Healer. A graduate of the Brian Udding School of Massage, the Earthwalk School of Energy Healing and Vibrational Medicine and Litestreams, Gayle also developed and teaches one of the only gemstone therapy certification programs in our region.

Gayle works with both people and animals who are facing issues such as illness, trauma, fear, depression, abuse and pain. She is also adept at balancing the relationships between people and their companion animals.

Expect the Best!
An energy healing treatment with Gayle is a truly unique experience. Using gemstone, light, sound and hands-on energy therapies, she will bring you into resonance with some of the highest frequency vibrations accessible on the earth plane.

Gayle understands how and when to apply the most appropriate energetic therapy to your body’s multiple energy systems (chakras, meridians, physical systems). Her true gift is integrating new energetic signatures into your different “bodies” – physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual – so that they vibrate at a higher level.

The result?
You’ll be better able to counter weakness and disease, restore your own health to an optimum level and greatly expand your conscious awareness.

In every treatment, Gayle supports and facilitates your desire for change, and provides energy tools that you can use in your daily life to make that change happen – all the way to the cellular level.

Please call Stargazers to schedule your appointment: 425-885-7289

Available: Select Saturdays
$100 hr, $65 30-min