Giavonne Mitchell

Giavonne is an Intuitive Reader, Teacher of Sixth Sensing, and Wisdom Heart Therapist. Based on her skills and experiences of 30 years she offers simple effective methods to enhance your success in personal and spiritual growth.

Readings with Giavonne: include energy/auric field reading & intuitive tarot. She provides information that offers perspective and insight. People enjoy her consultations because they are down-to-earth and yet deeply spiritual in nature.
$100/hour; $65/30 min.

Wisdom Heart Therapy: Combines Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualization, and a Chakra Dialogue modeling. This highly effective technique takes you into a meditative state where you observe and interact with your inner wisdom to create profound awakenings and transformation in both perception and personal choices. Wisdom Heart Therapy sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes, $120.

Giavonne’s formal education is in Art, Computer Graphics and Media Production and Psychology. Her intuitive skills and her love of creativity and painting were passed on to her by her Irish and Italian ancestors. She left Media and Television production in the 9o’s and has since focused all her passion on working with others to grow personally and spiritually.

Please call Stargazers to schedule your appointment: 425-885-7289

Available: Thurs-Sun by appt only
$100/hr; $65/30min