John Skyrman

John is a gifted Clairvoyant, Medium, Energy Worker and Healer who combines a partner of past learning experiences with wisdom and grace, passed on to him from master teachers. John gives these gifts lovingly, providing a sweet sense of spirit along with a lot of practical sense.

John is able to work with people and their homes, clearing out both physically and emotionally obstacles that get in our way of living life to the fullest. A life reading can help you know what to prepare for and what to look forward to! An energy alignment clears out the old and makes room for the new. Remove obstacles from your home heart and your home, things that keep you from your “soul purpose”.

Beauty and Balance: John also brings his background of interior design and feng shui to his work in a wonderful way. Making sure there’s movement in your home, office and life, guiding with grace and creating sacred space and sweet sanctuary.

Please call Stargazers to schedule your appointment: 425-885-7289

Available: Fridays
$120 hr; $65 30-min; $35 15-min.