Lynn Lord, LMP

Swedish Massage $60/hr
Cranio-Sacral $90/hr
Health Maintenance Massage $70/hr; $105/90min
Deep Tissue Massage $90/hr; $135/90min

Energy Healing – Reiki or Earth Energy $95/hr

Lynn went to the original “Primetime” Seattle Massage School in 1991 – “Primetime” because all of the instructors were at the top of the massage field and serious about molding students into a highly professional frame of mind. She worked out of her home with various small massage employment until 1994 when she opened a practice in West Seattle. Lynn has owned and operated Healing Massage Studio ever since.

In 2004, Lynn attended the Northwest School of Healing, a four year program with Alima Pat Hamilton based on Barbara Brennan Earth Energy Healing. In 2008 Lynn graduated as an ordained minister, Reiki 4 Master and Earth Energy Healer.

Lynn specializes in Deep Tissue, Hydrotherapy, Cranio-Sacral (Dr. John Upledger Institute), Lomi Lomi (Aunti Margaret), Reiki, and Earth Energy Healing, motor vehicle accidents, chronic pain and sleeping posture correction techniques.

Cranio-Sacral is a multi-dimensional energy healing unwinding horizontal diaphragms and muscle tissues, joints, bones, energy cysts, physical and emotional trauma, as well as scar tissue old and new.

Earth energy consists of Chelation (filtering) of energy, healing of auric field, chakra balancing and restructuring, psychic surgery, hara healing and realignment.

All can heal present and past life.

Please call Stargazers to schedule your appointment: 425-885-7289

Available: Wednesdays 10am-2pm